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Costa de la Luz: huge and varied beaches.

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Secretly guarded by the Spaniards (who know them well), the kilometers and kilometers of beaches on the Costa de la Luz, in Huelva, will amaze you with their diversity.

We are on the Ocean Coast (Atlantic Ocean). It is in our Province that you will find the largest dunes in Europe (after Pilat, in France). The British daily The Guardian classifies the beaches of Huelva / El Rompido (Costa de la Luz) among the 40 most beautiful European beaches.

If the water is delicious from June to September, we bathe from March to the end of November. (To be honest, we saw some people bathing in December - but we didn't try ...)

The excellent water quality is recognized by European Blue Flag.

Whatever the season, a stroll on the beach, under the sun, remains an incredible moment of serenity. The light here is spectacular. We are on the Costa de la Luz (the Coast of Light) and it is not for nothing!

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