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A region for food lovers!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

At Villa de la Luz, we are true gourmets! We invite you to discover the gastronomy of the Province of Huelva.

Because here, we are in a territory where gastronomy occupies a preponderant place! Huelva was Gastronomic Capital in 2017!

Ocean, Land and Mountains bring a full variety of delicious local products, to enjoy in a small typical restaurant in a village square, on the terrace with a seaview or in the many chiringuitos by the beach.

Seafood of course: freshly caught fish and octopus from the fish markets of Punta Umbria, El Rompido, Isla Cristina or Ayamonte. Do not miss the Mojama, salted and dried tuna - a delight with a little drizzle of olive oil! Huelva is known for its tasty white prawns, cooked or finely grilled. Shells also: beautiful clams, fine coquiñas de Huelva (to eat at any time with a some garlic and parsley). There is also a small production of oysters!

Here, salt is of great finesse and great flavor. We recommend that you visit the Salines Del Aleman in particular (where you can also swim in a sea salt pool!)

The earth brings us a profusion of oranges, tangerines, lemons, persimmons, pomegranates, strawberries and raspberries, among others, whose organic production is growing.

The world's best ham is undoubtedly the Jamón Bellota de Iberico from Jabugo, produced in the Sierra de Huelva and exported all over the world to the delight of gourmets.

Aracena, still in the Sierra de Huelva, is the place of production of an artisanal goat cheese that can be found on the greatest tables.

Accompany the whole with a dry white, semi-dry white, rosé or red wine "del Condado de Huelva" (the designation of origin of the wines of the region) and you will be just delighted! * * drink in moderation, of course!

During your stay at Villa de la Luz, we will recommend the best restaurants and the most beautiful chiringuitos with beautiful views of the Ocean!

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